Chapter One
        Collected Works of George Orwell (2000/2001)

Chapter Two
         Italian Holiday (2003)

Chapter Three
        Post Card Paintings (2003)

Chapter Four
       A short history of Japanese fiction (2004)

Chapter Five
       Rossa (2005)

Chapter Six
       Virus (2005)

Chapter Seven
       Short history of dutch painting part I (2005) and II (2007)

Chapter Eight
       Reading room (2005)

Chapter Nine
       Les mots pour le faire (2006)

Chapter Ten
       Classic Japanese movies (2007)


First Published 2003
Published by Simon Morley

front cover



Chapter Eleven
        The English Series (2007)

Chapter Twelve
        CINE ITALIA (2008)

Chapter Thirteen
        Moon Palace (2008)

Chapter Fourteen
        'The Rose Annual, 1924’

Chapter Fifteen
        Hitchcock’s Blondes, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo. (2009)

 Chapter Sixteen
       Korean Works

Chapter Seventeen
       'Messagerie' - Musée des Beaux-Art de Dijon, 6 May 2010 - 3 January 2011

Chapter Eighteen
       A short history of the Twentieth century

Chapter Nineteen
       "SIX HALLS" Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

Chapter Twenty
       ‘Korea Land of the Dawn’ and Other Paintings’, Art Link Gallery, Seoul, September 2011